Malapascua Map



Logon Where the local ferry lands a beautiful streatch of beach, great place to pick up some local cuizine, the chicken rotisary here is famouse for both locals and tourists alike.
Bounty Beach Also known as beach side, here you'll find the main tourist drag. A great range of both local and international resturants, all the worldly comforts you could desire and a great night life.
Tawigan Where you can find the locals, and the local prices a great point to head when you feeling a little more adventures at dinner time.
Indonacion Off the coast here you start to find some of the great dive points.
Kabatangan Local boat yards and quiet beaches a nice place to find some peace and quiet.
Bakhaw You might make it this far on your morning jog. the beach points here can provide a great haven on windy days.
Bool Great place to have a look at a local village. you can see the difference in construction alot more bamboo and less concreat.
Langob Just north of here you will find the Lapus Lapus Islands, the most northern point of Malapascua


  Malapasucua Island - Diveshop,Hotel,Resort,Restaurat,bar's Guide



@ Dive Link Cebu
A Dive Society Malapascua
B Thresher Shark Diver's
C Sea Explorers Malapascua
D SeaQuest Dive Center
E Sun & Fun Dive and Travel
F Dan's Dive Shop
G Safty Stop


A Tepanee Beach Resort B Bantigue Cove Beach Resort
C White Sands Bungalow D Blue Corals Beach Resort
E Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort F Slam's Garden Resort
G Malapascua Garden Resort H BABE'S Rodge
I K-5 Beach Resort J Blue Water Malapascua Beach & Dive Resort
K Cocobana Beach Resort L Sunsplash Dive Resort
M Sunset Beach Resort N Ocean Vida Resort
O Hippocampus Beach Resort P Malapascua Legend Water Sports and Resort
Q Hiltey's Hideout Hotels R Purple Snapper Dive Resort


1 Angelina Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano 2 Kokay's Maldito
3 Oscar's Bar&Restaurant 4 Sunsplash Resort Restaurant
5 Ging-Ging's Garden Restaurant 6 The Other Place SnackBar
7 La Isla Bonita 8 Magellans Bar&Restaurant