Diving Schedule

Dive Schedule

In Malapascua the way to dive is from a boat. Everything is prepared for you, our expert staff will carry your tanks set your gear and help you with entry and exits, all you have to do is remeber to wake up in the morning. you'll feel like royalty as you enter your underwater kingdom!

We run ives at pristine Malapascua dive points from early morning to late in the evening, our schedule plans for 5 dives a day so you can pick and chose your daily plan accordingly. and on those perfect Malapascua days you can dive until your hearts content.

So many dive sites, so much to see, life can be tough...

1 day Dive Schedule

Boat Depature Times.

Diveing Sunrise Dive First Dive Second Dive Third Dive Sunset Dive
Time am04:30 am09:00 am11:30 pm02:30 pm05:00

1 Day in Malapascua

@am:04:30 The early bird see's the Thresher Shark! We head out to Monad point enjoy that morning
see breeze and sunrise as we make our first dive.





Come back for your morning coffee and breakfast.

Check the days conditions and the local grape vine for whats happening where, but today we're back on the boat and off to ever popular Gato Island for our next two dives. Drop offs... you never know what might come out of the great blue ocean.

Lunch time

Our next two dives we'll stay a bit closer to home staying a little more shallow for our afternoon dives, the hardest part is choosing where to go so many choices. Beautiful unspoilt coral reefs, it's time to get out the camera for some macro action.

As the sun goes down the Manderin fish come out. Nothing could be more romantic then a sunset and the famous kissing antics of the Manderin fish. Enjoy the boatride with the amazing backdrop of red, orange and pink.

Unwind after a days diving and enjoy dinner listening to the waves lap againts the beautiful white sand beach. Theres always time to take a walk through the local village or sit back, relax enjoy a few drinks and trade dive stories.

As the seasons change so will our schedule, this example is flexible and always open to change.@